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The City Takes Several Measures to Prevent Wildfires and Partners With Boulder County and the Office of Emergency Management to Help Protect our Community

Climate change makes fires more likely in Boulder, and recent wildfires have threatened Boulder’s watershed, open space lands and homes.

Forest Management

Did you know fires are an important part of ecosystem health? For more than 25 years, Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) has been actively managing about 10,000 acres of forest on city open space lands. This management has included thinning forests and conducting prescribed burns when conditions are favorable for burning. These techniques can clear out build-up of underbrush that can fuel large fires, replenish essential nutrients to the soil, and even help seeds from native plants germinate. This kind of proactive forest management addresses the City’s overarching forest goals, which helps:

  • Maintain or enhance native plant and animal species, their communities and the ecological processes that sustain them
  • Reduce the wildfire risk to forest and human communities.

Learn more about OSMP’s forest management efforts and its Forest Ecosystem Management Plan

Homeowner Education

Owning a home can be a lot of work and wildfire prevention is an important part of taking care of it. Often, it isn’t a wall of fire that can set a property ablaze, but an ember carried by the wind from nearby fires.

The City of Boulder Fire-Rescue developed a Wildland Fire Preparedness Guide to help homeowners prevent and prepare for wildfires in our area. The guide covers topics like hazard zones, landscaping, building materials and more. Homeowners in Boulder may also request a free Detailed Wildfire Home Assessment.

Resilience From Natural Disaster

Resilience is the ability of a community to prepare for and respond effectively to shocks and stressors. We work with agencies like Boulder County and the Boulder Office of Emergency Management to ensure our community can survive, adapt and learn to thrive under new conditions. Community members. The City of Boulder’s Fire-Rescue Department, along with our cooperating agencies, has detailed plans in place to protect lives and property, which allow them to quickly respond to wildfire emergencies.

What You Can Do

Every effort is made to safely protect lives and property, but personal resilience is just as important. The work you put into preparing your home and family beforehand is essential for your safety. Be sure you and your family are prepared in case of a wildfire and share these resources with your friends and neighbors. Check out these tips for protecting yourself and our community from wildfires and learn more about the Ready, Set Go approach for wildfire preparedness.

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