Call for Offers

Bid Due Date Moved to Friday April 17, 2020, by 5pm. Questions can be submitted to Housing-30Pearl through April 3

  1. Community Engagement

  2. Design

  3. Plan

  4. Build

Project Overview

Boulder Housing Partners, the city housing authority, is the master developer responsible for completing the site level planning, utility and affordable housing entitlements of the two sites being offered for sale must be developed in coordination and corporation with the other three properties.

Planning Board approved the Form-Based Code – The 30Pearl property has all entitlement approvals. The parcels owned by BHP are under construction. The Q1 parcel is moving through TEC doc approval process. The Q3 and Q4North parcels will need to go through TEC Doc to receive a building permit. Development Agreement LUR2018-00064 provides approval for the BHP parcels and the North parking garage. Notice of Disposition for FBC Review Application LUR2019-00028 provides entitlement approval for Q1, Q3 and Q4North.

Project Update

On Feb. 16, the city noticed an Offering Memorandum (Call for Offers) for the sale of two developable parcels, quadrants 3 and 4N, at 2360 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80305: 30 Pearl. 30 Pearl includes 5 quadrants; two are the subject of this call for offers, two are being developed by BHP as permanently affordable housing and one is being developed by Morgan Creek Ventures as market rate rental housing above ~18,600 sq. ft. commercial half of which will be leased at below market rates.

Bid to Contract Timeline

  • April 24 - Select and notify top bidders
  • May 1 - City staff will meet one-on-one with selected parties during this week
  • First week of June - Under contract with selected bidder(s)


30Pearl is located in the south west corner of Boulder Junction, a 160-acre redevelopment area that is being transformed into a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with regional transit connections and public spaces that will benefit the entire community. The vision for the area is guided by the 2007 Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP).

The impetus for Boulder Junction began in 2000, when the City of Boulder initiated a planning effort for a transit-oriented development (TOD), in anticipation of new transit facilities.

The goals for purchasing 30Pearl are:

  • Advance Boulder’s long-range vision for a TOD that maximizes public investment in multimodal transportation, infrastructure improvements and affordable housing;

  • Create a mixed-use development with predominantly residential uses and some supporting commercial uses;

  • Create a range of housing types, including up to 50 percent permanently affordable housing, and;

  • Create a mix of ownership and rental housing.

Map of 30Pearl

Council Action


  • Fourth Quarter, Council approves the disposition of 30Pearl to BHP
  • Fourth Quarter, Council approved the disposition of Q1 to Boulder-based Morgan Creek Ventures


  • Fourth Quarter, City Council voted in support of Boulder Housing Partners as Joint Master Developer for the site